TAP is a time-resolved technique for precise kinetic characterization of gas-solid reactions in catalysis, adsorption, and other applications. Unlike in conventional kinetic devices (e.g. well-mixed or tubular flow reactors), gas transport in the TAP reactor occurs via Knudsen diffusion – a special transport regime whereby molecules collide with the reactor walls and catalytic surfaces, but not with each other.

More information about the TAP-reactor and the group can be found at the group pages.

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Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Unni Olsbye, 

Instrument curator: Evgeniy Redekop,
0371 OSLO


TAP instrument is equipped with both Quadrupole (QMS) and Time-of-Flight (ToF) detectors for enhanced mass-and time-resolution.

Description of services:

  • Diffusion characterization in microporous and hierarchically porous materials (zeolites, zeotypes, MOFs);
  • Intrinsic kinetics of olefin methylation and other steps of the Methanol-To-Hydrocarbons (MTH) chemistry in zeolites;
  • CO2 reduction by non-stoichiometric ceria and mixed oxides, generation and stability of oxygen vacancies in metal oxide
  • Tandem spectro-kinetic (TAP-XPS) investigations of reaction mechanisms on complex metal oxides that are derived from Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)


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