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Research groups at SMN

SMN consists of several groups that are all part of the Departments of Physics and Chemistry.


The section comprises of scientists with quite different fields of expertise, each contributing to approach our common research vision. The section focuses on metal organic synthesis and characterization, aiming at developing new homogeneous catalysts, heterogenisation of metal organic complexes and building new microporous structures (MOF and zeotype materials) and mechanistic insight through experimental and theoretical studies of homogeneous and heterogeneous processes

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Light and Electricity from Novel Semiconductors (LENS) is a Strategic Research Centre at UiO/Faculty of Science and Mathematics/Department of Physics

The overall vision of LENS is “application-motivated basic research” where we address rather fundamental materials science and physics issues, but in most cases with a clear vision for long-term applications relevant to enabling technologies for renewable energy. On a more detailed level, a central ingredient is to cover the whole ‘value-chain’ from materials synthesis to realization and evaluation of test (device) structures.

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Nanostructures and functional materials (NAFUMA) work in basic inorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry and material science.

Our main activities involve:

  • Synthesis and characterization of materials
  • Chrystal growth
  • Depositing of thin films with atomic layer deposition (ALD)
  • Chrystal structure determination
  • Studies of structural, thermodynamic, magnetic and electric properties

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Structure Physics  focus on materials and nano science. We use advanced transmission electron microscopy and modelling to unravel the structure of materials and their characteristics on the atomic level, for both conventional materials as well as nano materials.

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Electrochemistry is a research section within materials science and nanotechnology, consisting of outstanding material chemists and - physicists.

We conduct research at a high international level that aims to utilize renewable energy. Our core topics include solid state ionics, fuel cells, gas separation membranes, hydrogen technology, and photoelectrochemistry.

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Former centres




inGAP is a National Centre of Research-based Innovation, appointed by the Norwegian Research Council.

inGAP's vision is value creation in natural-gas processes through rational design of processes and products based on atomistic and mechanistic insight in catalyst and reactor parameters under operative conditions.

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Former sections

Functional Energy Related Materials in Oslo (FERMiO) is a top tier research group focusing on issues concerning materials used to utilize renewable energy, such as fuel cells, Hydrogen technology, solar cells, and thermoelectric materials.

Core topics are ionics and electronics – energy, defect and transport in grids and nano structures- in functional materials for energy related applications.

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