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Norway has strong traditions in winter sports, concluding the last winter Olympics with a total of 39 medals and the first place in ranking. The reason for such a strong performance, according to the Norwegians, is that they are born with skies attached to their legs.

The location of the OPSCAT meeting allows conveniently to experience some typical Norwegian winter activities, including cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and sledging. For those who would rather prefer seeing Oslo city, a walk through the main attractions will be organized.

Cross-country skiing

Frognerseteren station is one metro stop up from Voksenkollen, and is a hub for multiple cross-country routes of variable difficulty. You will need comfortable and warm clothing, skies, ski boots, poles, etc. Contact organizers if you need to rent skiing equipment.


Oslo winter park is 2 km away from the hotel and gives opportunity to enjoy downhill skiing or snowboarding. See an official website for equipment rentals and lift rates.


If you are not into skiing, another easy and fun activity that everyone can enjoy is sledding. The route starts from Frognerseteren metro station, where you can rent a sled (ca. 15 euro) and a helmet (free). Once you enjoyed a 2 km downhill slide, there is no need to walk back up the hill, you can come up again via metro from Midstuen station and repeat as many times as you wish. Snow proof clothing and boots are strongly recommended! See this Youtube video for example.

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NB! Remember that it´s cold in Norway. Bring appropriate clothing such as woollen mittens and a warm scarf and jacket.


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