Electrocatalytic processes and materials for fuel cells and electrolyzers

illustration of electronics


14.00 Assemble

Prof. Sotiris Sotiropoulos (AUTh) – “Galvanic Replacement and Deposition for the Preparation of Electrocatalysts”
Kaiqi Xu (UiO) – “Photoelectrochemical Performance, Stability and Charge Transfer Kinetics of Ta3N5 Nanotubes”

15.20 Short coffee break

Prof. Rak-Hyun Song (KIER) – “Degradation Analysis and Lifetime Prediction of Anode-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at KIER”Yudai Hisai (UiO-WUJ) – “Surface Protonics on SrZrO3 Under Dry Conditions”

16.30 End

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