Composite interconnects and nanostructured electrodes for proton conducting membrane reactors (completed)

The CIEPRO project aims to establish cost-effective fabrication of ceramic proton conducting cells for H2 production by steam methane reforming (SMR).

About the project

Ceramic proton conductors have the potential to become an essential part of future clean energy systems - from fuel cells to steam electrolysers and catalytic membrane reactors. The project gathers world-leading industry (CoorsTek), high research excellence institute (SINTEF) and university (UiO FASE) to develop innovative segmented-in-series proton conducting ceramic cells integrating novel composite glass-ceramic interconnects and nanostructured electrodes for stable operation of highly efficient steam methane reforming reactors. To tackle this ambitious objective, the project builds on the core expertise of the partners and addresses two distinct research activities underpinning the development of these novel reactors: hierarchically porous electrodes with a nanostructured porous network for improved catalytic activity confined in a macroporous network ensuring fast mass transport; and development of an integrated composite interconnect and seal ensuring dual functions of gas tightness and current collection between cells. The experimental approach will be based on advanced protocols combining soft-chemistry with ceramic processing routes. The resulting segmented-in-series cells will be tested in various operating conditions to define rate limiting factors and establish transport theory in these novel architectures operating in steam methane reforming conditions. The project runs for 3 years, trains 1 postdoctoral research fellow, fosters international collaboration with CSIC University in Spain and CoorsTek in Golden, USA, aims to establish new intellectual properties in various fields (manufacturing of nanostructured electrodes, sealing technology, reactor design) and will broadly disseminate the results of the project in high impact journals and at international conferences.



The project is financed by Norwegian research Council and CoorsTek , project number 256264


Published Dec. 19, 2016 3:59 PM - Last modified Aug. 2, 2021 1:43 PM


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Reidar Haugsrud

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Xuemei Cui

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