Thermoelectrics for industrial applications (THERMiO)

Thermoelectrics for Industrial Applications (THERMiO) is an innovation and education cluster financed by University of Oslo (UiO), running 4 years (2016-2020) and employing 4 research fellows (1 post-doc and 3 PhD candidates). The candidates spend 25% of their time - 1 years out of the 4 - on innovation, mostly in connection with companies involved in research, as materials producers, component, module, and system producers, or end users. Research institutes (SINTEF) and other universities (NTNU, UiA) are also external members of the cluster.

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Within THERMiO we work partly with intermetallic thermoelectrics, such as ZnSb and silicide-based materials, and partly with oxides. Synergy between the physicists working with the more mature intermetallics and the chemists exploring oxides is central, for instance in focus on oxidation of the former class and the physics of transport in the latter.

The research fellows are based and supervised at the physics groups LENS and Structure Physics and in the chemistry groups NAFUMA and FASE, all under the Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN), and they share a cluster office in Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken).

Dissemination and education are central, and THERMiO will organize seminars of various kinds and foci, open to all, and announced via this website, email, and social media. Persons, institutions, and companies in Norway and abroad are welcome to register to become member for receiving open information.

Institutes and companies which enter into direct collaboration with the cluster and our research fellows will become partners and the interaction regulated through a written agreement.

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