CO2 Management Technologies for Future Power Generation (BigCO2) (completed)

FERMiO/SMN contributes in the FME BIGCO2 led by SINTEF Energy research. The research conducted at UiO concerns developing novel mixed proton-electron conductors for applications within hydrogen gas separation

The present work contains both experimental testing of candidate materials and theoretical modeling of the transport processes under typical operating conditions.

About the project

The objective of FME BigCO2 is to pave the ground for gas power generation that employ CO2 capture and storage with the potential of fulfilling the following compound target:

  • 90% CO2 capture rate
  • 50% cost reduction
  • fuel-to-electricity penalty less than 7% compared with state-of-the-art gas power generation

The project also aims at:

  • Generating and refining knowledge and topical comprehension of power cycle integration
  • Shortening the lead-time and improve certainty of plant characteristics and limiting the technical and commercial risk at an acceptable level. This which (may) lead up to a decision of setting up a green-field gas power plant in Norway in compliance with the stated tangible objective


UiO educates one PhD fellow in this project.


The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway through the FME BIGCO2.


FME BigCO2 is led by Sintef Energy Research and is a colaboration between several research and industrial partners:

  • UiO
  • NTNU
  • StatoilHydro, Forskningssenter Porsgrunn
  • GE Global Research
  • Statkraft Development AS
  • Aker Kværner ASA
  • Shell Technology Norway AS
  • Total
  • ConocoPhilips Norway
  • Alstom Power Norway AS
  • DLR-Institut fuer Physik der Atmosphaere
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