Oxide nanomaterials - phenomena and applications; focus on basic understanding of semiconductor components for hydrogen production by PEC (completed)

About the project


The overall project objective is to establish a genuinely crossdisciplinary program at the SMN/UiO within the general field of oxide nanomaterials, having focus on understanding of materials and phenomena required to develop PEC/PV water splitting cells that, on a long-term, may become inevitable technological solution to run "clean" hydrogen production.

The subgoals are:

  • Identify, synthesize and characterize new semiconductor materials that have appropriate bandgaps and are stable in aqueous solutions;
  • Study the effect of nanostructuring of oxide semiconductors on the electrical/optical properties of the systems;
  • Develop techniques for the energetic control of the semiconductor electrolyte interface;
  • Developing techniques for the preparation of transparent catalytic coatings and their application to semiconductor surfaces;
  • Study heterojunction semiconductor systems for high efficiency water splitting.



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