New MAterials for Tandem Solar cells (MATS)

About the project

The main goal of MATS is to investigate fundamental properties and photovoltaic diodes based on ZnOxNy thin films. These diodes are optimized for use as a top cell in a silicon-based tandem solar cell. 


Depostion optimization

Optimal deposition parameters for both undoped and doped ZnOn thin films are studied using RF, DC and HiPIMS magnetron sputtering. The aim is to produce samples with high mobility, carrier concentrations low enough for non-abrupt pn junctions and an optical bandgap of 1.7eV. 
Realizing and optimizing of ZnON pn-junctions, using both Si and higher bandgap-materials. 


Structural, chemical, optical and electrical characterization are utilized to understand both macroscopic and microscopic processes. These include, but are not limited to Hall, XRD, IV, CV, DLTS, TAS, EDS, UV-NIR-VIS. 


Simulate the effect of various film parameters and various emitter options on overall solar cell performance and understand underlying physical processes. 

Public outreach

Article in Titan: Doble solceller kan øke effektiviteten med 50 prosent

Project duration

2019 - 2022


The project is financed by the Research Council of Norway through the Frinatek program.  (no. 288596). 

The Research council of Norway's logo to the left: a symbol similar to an hour glass both a orange ring behind. 'The Research council of Norway' written in blue font to the right.



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