Marianne Zeyringer

Associate Professor - Section for Energy Systems
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Phone +47 22842204
Visiting address Gunnar Randers vei 19 2007 Kjeller
Postal address Postboks 70 2027 Kjeller

With my research I aim to contribute to the transformation to future net-zero energy systems: I am developing and using power system models with high spatio-temporal resolution so as to design systems with high shares of variable renewables (i.e. wind and solar). I like working interdisciplinary and include social sciences and climate/weather science in my research.

I joined ITS in 2019 as an Associate Professor in Renewable Energy Systems at the Department of Technology Systems (ITS). I am leading the energy systems modelling group at ITS and am co-leading the Thematic Research Group SPATUS. In the autumn term I am teaching a course on Energy Markets and Regulation. Before joining UiO, I was working as Senior Research Associate at the UCL Energy Institute, Grantholder at the European Commission Joint Research Institute for Energy and Transport, visiting researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and as a Young Scientists Summer Program Student at IIASA.  

I am coordinating the UiO:Energy Convergence Environment EMPOWER and during 2022 leading the dScience Community Forum

I am an active member of the NextGen Energy Climate Group coordinated by Reading University under which we organise an annual workshop. I am an Advisory Board Member of the ERC grant reFUEL led by Johannes Schmidt at BOKU University, Vienna. I am a Guest Editor for a Special Issue on Energy Systems Modelling for SoftwareX and  a member of the  Editorial Board  of the Journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition

I am currently supervising several PhD students in power and energy systems modelling at UiO: Maximilian Roithner is studying hydrogen vs hydropower for long-term electricity storage. Oskar Vågerö is collaborating under the Include project (SUM) and is co-supervised by Tor Håkon Jackson Inderberg (FNI) on how to better represent social factors in energy and power system models. Idunn Mostue is doing a PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems and Climate Risk.  I co-supervise Aleksander Grochowicz (PhD) and Natalia Sirotko-Sibirskaya (Postdoc) under the SPATUS project (Prof. Fred Espen Benth) who are working on stochastics of renewable energy systems. I am on the doctoral advisory board of Katharina Gruber and Peter Regner both at BOKU University, Vienna.  

I welcome Master theses in the area of energy/power systems modelling and other topics from motivated students in the field of renewable energy systems. 



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