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Picture of Emel Savku Savku, Emel Postdoctoral Fellow Stochastic Optimal Control, Machine Learning, Finance
Picture of Ida Scheel Scheel, Ida Associate Professor +47 22855874 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics, data science
Picture of Jonas Fredrik Schenkel Schenkel, Jonas Fredrik Statistics, Sampling, big data
Picture of Dennis Schroers Schroers, Dennis Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Stochastic Analysis, Functional Data Analysis
Picture of Gaute Schwartz Schwartz, Gaute Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Operator Algebra, Entropy, Sofic Groups.
Picture of Elisabeth Havsberg Seland Seland, Elisabeth Havsberg Adviser +47 22857221 Research support, External funding, Cristin, EU, Webmaster, Alumni
Shaw, Kris Associate Professor +47 22855940 +4915739781 Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Picture of Natalia Sirotko-Sibirskaya Sirotko-Sibirskaya, Natalia Postdoctoral Fellow Stochastic optimal control, Renewable energy, Machine learning, Computational statistics, Nonlinear time series, Time series analysis in the frequency domain, Bootstrap, Inverse problems, Statistical modelling
Picture of Bjørn Skauli Skauli, Bjørn Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Picture of Arne Bernhard Sletsjøe Sletsjøe, Arne Bernhard Associate Professor +47 22855902 Mathematics, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Picture of Anita Austad Smeby Smeby, Anita Austad Higher Executive Officer +47 22855886 Reception
Picture of Geir Olve Storvik Storvik, Geir Olve Professor +47 22855894 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of Erling Størmer Størmer, Erling Professor Emeritus 228 55880 Operator algebras, Mathematics
Picture of Pin-Tzu Su Su, Pin-Tzu Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Kristian Sveen Sveen, Kristian Associate Professor Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Picture of Anders Rygh Swensen Swensen, Anders Rygh +47 22855871 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of Torstein Sæter Sæter, Torstein Doctoral Research Fellow Fluid mechanics, Mechanics
Picture of Hao Tang Tang, Hao Postdoctoral Fellow Stochastic and deterministic PDEs
Picture of Felix Thimm Thimm, Felix Doctoral Research Fellow Algebra and algebraic geometry, Mathematics
Picture of Karsten Trulsen Trulsen, Karsten Professor +47 22855833 +47-41322402 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, nonlinear waves, freak waves
Picture of Trung Tuyen Truong Truong, Trung Tuyen Associate Professor +47 22855932 Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, Dynamical Systems, Algebraic Geometry, Gradient Descent, Newton's method, Optimisation, Deep Learning, Automated Proof Checking, Levenberg-Marquardt method
Picture of Alexandra Honorine Emilie Vallet Vallet, Alexandra Honorine Emilie Postdoctoral Fellow Mechanics, fluid dynamics, finite-elements, poroelasticity, brain aging, dementia, France
Vanem, Erik Associate Professor Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of Sam Erik Walker Walker, Sam Erik +47 99700159 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of Yiyi Whitchelo Whitchelo, Yiyi Mechanics, Fluid mechanics