PHD students


Jaroslaw Nowak

Jaroslaw Nowak, Statistical and machine learning methods for the analysis and prediction of faults and abnormalities in high dimensional sensor data on vessels. Main supervisor

Emanuele Gramuglia

Emanuele Gramuglia, Statistical Models for Anomaly Detection in
Temporal Data
. Main supervisor

Hilde Kjelgaard Brustad

Hilde Kjelgaard Brustad, Estimation of family relationship and inbreeding, co-supervisor

Kristine Baluka Hein

Kristine Baluka Hein, Interpreting Deep Learning for Images, co-supervisor

Anders Sandnes

Anders Sandnes, Bayesian machine learning strategy for oil and gas production networks. co-supervisor


Andreas Brandsæter (2020)

Andreas Brandsæter, Data-driven Methods for multiple sensor streams, With Applications in the maritime industry, co-supervisor

Knut Rand (2019)

Knut Rand, Towards Inference with Graph Based Genome Representations, co-supervisor

Ivar Grytten (2019)

Ivar Grytten, Graph-based Reference Genomes – Approaches and Applications, co-supervisor

Srinidhi Varadharajan (2019)

Srinidhi Varadharajan, Comparative genomics in teleost fish: Insights into forces driving genome evolution, co-supervisor

Reinaldo A. Gomes Marques (2018)

Reinaldo A. Gomes Marques (2018) , Sequential inference in dynamic hierarchical models, main supervisor.

Aliaksandr Hubin (2018)

Aliaksandr Hubin Statistical methods for analysis of epigenetic data, main supervisor. 

Navreet Kaur (2017)

Navreet Kaur: Parameters and Pedigrees in Forensic Genetics and Statistics,. Co-supervisor

Olav Nikolai Breivik (2016)

Olav Nikolai Breivik, Bayesian spatio-temporal hierarchical modeling: Bycatch in the Barents Sea shrimp fishery and North Atlantic windiness, Co-supervisor

Øyvind Bleka (2016)

Øyvind Bleka, Improved analysis of complex DNA profiles and the interrogation of very large national DNA databases. Co-supervisor

Inger Maren Riverud (2013)

Inger Maren Riverud: Habitat selection and activity of red deer in Norway. Co-supervisor

Dinara Sadykova (2010)

Dinara Sadykova: Integrating diverse data by a likelihood function based on models of population dynamics and of observational processes: application relevant for managing aquatic resources. Co-supervisor

Are Fritz Charles Jensen (2009)

Are Fritz Charles Jensen: Some approaches to covariance regularizaton and dimensionality reduction in statistical classification of hyperspectral image data, Co-supervisor

Gunnhildur Høgnadottir Steinbakk (2008)

Gunnhildur Høgnadottir Steinbakk: Conceptual and computational issues for Bayesian model criticism. Main supervisor.

Camilla Brekke (2008)

Camilla Brekke: Automatic screening synthetic aperture radar imagery for detection of oil pollution in the marine environment. Co-supervisor

Ingunn Fride Tvete (2007)

Ingunn Fride Tvete, Bayesian hierarchial modelling applied to insurance claims, earthquake predictions, marine biology and medicine, Main supervisor

Asbjørn Berge (2007)

Asbjørn Berge: Improving hyperspectral classification by simplified parameter estimates. Co-supervisor

Kjetill Kaaresen (1997)

Kjetill Kaaresen: Maximum a posteriori deconvolution of sparse signals. Co-supervisor

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