Vegard FJELLBO: Thomason's model structure on the category of small categories

In 1980 R. W. Thomason published a proof that CAT, the category of small categories, is a proper closed model category that is Quillen equivalent to SSet, the category of simplicial sets, with the standard model structure defined by Quillen. D-C Cisinski has since corrected the proof of left properness by replacing the central term of Dwyer morphism - a class of morphisms that Thomason believed to be the cofibrations - with a rough analogue in CAT of the NDR-pairs. The cofibrations, then, which are all retracts of Dwyer morphisms, are really the NDR-pair analogues. I will go through the main parts of Thomason's argument, incorporating Cisinski's adjustment, point out Thomason's mistake and here and there use more recent terminology from M. Hovey's book Model Categories. Towards the end I'll compare Thomason's method with modern, standardized ways of confirming a cofibrantly generated (closed) model structure, like the necessary and sufficient conditions listed in Hovey's Model Categories (thm. 2.1.19) and transferring a model structure across an adjunction by using Kan's lemma on transfer and similar results 

Published Feb. 13, 2014 10:55 AM - Last modified Feb. 13, 2014 10:55 AM