Ivan Panin: Nice triples and a moving lemma for motivic spaces

Inspired by the Voevodsky machinery of standard triples a machinery of nice triples was invented in [PSV]. We develop further the latter machiny such that it works also in the finite field case [P]. This machinary is a tool to prove many interesting moving lemmas. It leads to a serios of applications. One of them is a proof of the Grothendieck--Serre conjecture in the finite field case. Another is a proof of Gersten type results for arbitrary cohomology theories on algebraic varieties. The Gersen type results allows to conclude the following: a presheaf of S1-spectra E on the category of k-smooth schemes is A1-local iff all its Nisnevich sheaves of stable A1-homotopy groups are strictly homotopy invariant. If the field k is infinite, then the latter result is due to Morel [M]. An example of moving lemma is this. Let X be a k-smooth quasi-projective irreducible k-variety, Z be its closed subset and x be a finite subset of closed points in X. Then there exists a Zariski open U containing x and a naive A1-homotopy between the motivic space morphism U--> X--> X/U and the morphism U--> X/U sending U to the distinguished point of X/U. Application: suppose E is a cohomology theory on k-smooth varieties and alpha is an E-cohomology class on X which vanishes on the complement of Z, then it vanishes on U from the lemma above.   

Published Feb. 20, 2018 11:33 AM - Last modified Feb. 21, 2018 11:00 AM