The seminar will take place in the meeting room, floor 9, Ole Johan Dahls hus, alternatively in room B700 in Niels Henrik Abels hus, Thursdays 10.15 . 12.00.



Added on October 8: From now on, and throughout the term, seminars will only be given as Zoom-events.



Due to the ongoing pandemic, the program is not fixed for the whole term. Hopefully, some of the events will be transferred from the seminar room via zoom, invitations will be sent out for each such event.

Tentative list of speakers

27.08.2020:  Lars Kristiansen

03.09.2020: Lars Kristiansen/Juvenal Murwanashyaka

17.09.2020: Øystein Linnebo/Laura Crosilla. This event will take place in room B700 in Niels Henrik Abels hus (Math. building)

24.09.2020: Robin Solberg. This event will take place in room B700 in Niels Henrik Abels hus (Math. building)

01.10.2020: No seminar

08.10.2020: Dag Normann

12.11.2020: Tuyen Trung Truong

Title: Deep Learning and Automated Proof Checking

Abstract: The first part will present about how Deep Learning can be applied to Automated Proof Checking. Then the second part of the talk will concentrate in more general information about Deep Neural Networks: what are they and how they are trained. 


03.12.2020: Laura Crosilla, Leeds and Oslo. 

Cancellation: The talk by Laura has been postponed to January.


There are currently no further planed talks.







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