Logic Seminar Fall 2021

The seminar will this term be partially a physical event with an option of Zoom-connection to the lecture room, and partially a pure Zoom event. All physical talks will take place in Lecture room 819 in the Math. building.


Tentative program:

02.09.2021: Lars Kristiansen

16.09.2021: Juvenal Murwanashyaka Decidability and Undecidability in First-Order Theories of Term Algebras

23.09.2021: Lars Kristiansen On Representation of Irrational Numbers: A Degree Structure

07.10.2021: Dag Normann Reverse mathematics - then and now.

21.10.2021: Dag Normann Generalising the concept of being finite.

11.11.2021: Joel David Hamkins Infinite draughts and the logic of infinitary games.

18.11.2021: Neil Barton Intensional Classes and Intuitionistic Topoi in Potentialist Frameworks

25.11.2021: Trung Tuyen Troung: A quick method to find roots of univariate meromorphic functions

02.12.2021: Øystein Linnebo: Postponed to the spring term.



There will be no further talks this term. In the spring term we will meet in Seminar room UE 32 in the math. building.

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