Logic-Seminar Autumn 2018

The seminar takes place, as in previous years, in the meeting room, 9th floor, the Computer Science building.


The program is tentative, and may be subject to changes.



30.08.2018: We discuss the program for the term.

06.09.2018: Dag Normann The epsilon_0-ordering of the finite types

13.09.2018: Lars Kristiansen Concatenation Theory

20.09.2018: Lars Kristiansen Concatenation Theory continued

27.09.2018: Dag Normann  Measure-theoretic uniformity for the Suslin operator

04.10.2018: Dag Normann The computational power of Heine-Borel

11.10.2018: Herman Ruge Jervell On counting

18.10.2018: Cancelled

25.10.2018: Peter Fritz On Algebraic Models for Modal Logics

01.11.2018: Sam Roberts Forcing as a model of possibility 

Abstract: I will present the basics of forcing in terms of notions from modal logic; in particular, in terms of information states, propositions, and possible worlds. I’ll then look at what forcing, as a model of possibility, tells us about two tricky phenomena in metaphysics: namely, higher-order contingentism and the indefinite extensibility of possibility.

08.11.2018: Øystein Linnebo: State semantics for intuitionistic and classical logic 

Abstract: I provide an overview of the use of state space semantics for modal and non-modal logic, focusing especially on the conditions under which the non-modal fragment of the logic validated by the semantics is classical or intuitionistic.

15.11.2018: No regular seminar, but an informal chat with Peter Hinman in the tenth floor.

22.11.2018: Juvenal Murwanashkyak

29.11.2018: Cancelled (or TBA)









Tags: Mathematical Logic
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