Logic-seminar spring 2018

The seminar takes place, as in previous years, in the meeting room, 9th floor, the Computer Science building.



25.01.2018: First, we discuss the program for the term. Then Lars Kristiansen will give a presentation:

                     Borel Computability and Uniform Continuity

01.02.2018: Dag Normann Functionals as realisers of classical theorems

08.02.2018: Herman Ruge Jervell On Counting

15.02.2018: Dag Norman The uncountable Heine-Borel theorem, the Lindelöf lemma for Baire space and non-monotone inductive definitions

22.02.2018: Lars Kristiansen/Juvenal Murwanashkyaka  Decidable and Undecidable Fragments of First-Order Concatenation Theory

01.03.2018: Cancelled

08.03.2018: Herman Ruge Jervell On computers and counting

15.03.2018: Cancelled

05.04.2018: Øystein Linnebo

12.04.2018: Cancelled

19.04.2018: Lars Kristiansen/Juvenal Murwanashkyaka Continuation of the talk 22.02.2018

26.04.2018: Arne Tobias Ødegaard

03.05.2018: Øystein Linnebo

24.05.2018: Eyvind Briseid

31.05.2018: TBA

07.06.2018: Professor David Ellerman. The Talk will take place in Seminar-room Perl, floor 2 in Ole-Johan Dahls hus.


Tittle: New foundations.


If you are not a subscriber of the logic seminar e-mails, contact Dag Normann for further details.


David Ellerman has provided us with the following information about his project:


David Ellerman

Visiting Scholar
University of California at Riverside

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia



Email: david@ellerman.org




View and/or download my main blog, math blog, and publications at my webpage: www.ellerman.org

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