Seminar in Logic - Fall 2012



Aug. 23: Planning


Aug. 30:  Dag Normann - The searchability power of System T.

Sep. 06: Lars Kristiansen

Sep. 13: Ali Enayat, "Truth, Conservativity, and Interpretations"

Sep. 20: Øystein Linnebo

Sep. 27: Øystein Linnebo

Oct. 04: Jönne Speck

Oct. 11: Sam Roberts: Reflection principles in the modal structural setting.

Oct 18: Eyvind Briseid: On Proof Mining I

Oct. 25: Eyvind Briseid: On Proof Mining II

Nov. 01: Eyvind Briseid: On Proof Mining III

Nov. 08: Frode Bjørdal

Nov. 15: David Ross - Infinitesimals in Probability

Nov. 22:Dag Normann: On the Cantor-Bendixon rank of T-exhaustible sets.

Nov. 29: Frode Bjørdal

Dec. 06: Dag Normann: Non-constructive proofs in analysis and the model of continuous functionals.

Dec. 13: Cancelled   


The schedule is tentative, and will be subject to changes and supplements.

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