Bio-Mechanics workshop on cell membrane dynamics, active matter and plasticity in tissue

The scope of the workshop: This international workshop brings together scientist from a wide range of fields with a special interest in bio-mechanics phenomena from cellular scale to the size of organs. Through a series of short talks the participants will present their work, where the workshop strives to stimulate scientific exchange and to initiate new collaborations.

The workshop will be hosted from the 30th of August in the morning until the 31th after lunch in the historical Tøyen Hovedgård in the Botanical garden, centrally located in Oslo. The workshop is sponsored by the Department of Mathematics, UiO:Life Science and the Research Council of Norway.

Invited speakers

  • Kaare Hartvig Jensen, DTU
  • Alessandro Coclite U. Basilicata
  • Paolo Zunino, MOX,
  • Alain Goriely, Oxford U.
  • Jacques Prost, Curie Institute
  • Amin Doostmohammadi, Oxford U.
Paul Dommersnes, NTNU
  • Federico Fenaroli, UiO
  • Vegard Vinje, Simula
  • Jakob Schreiner, UiO/XAL
  • Corinna Maaß, Max Planck Institute Susanne Liese, UiO

  • Kartik Jain, U. Stuttgart
  • Hunter King, University of Akron
  • Noemi Antonella Guadagno, UiO


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Published Aug. 22, 2019 1:12 PM - Last modified Aug. 22, 2019 4:40 PM