About the project

During the CoE-years 2003-13 years the CMA has contributed to a major strengthening of several groups and activities within mathematical and computational research at UiO, and it has initiated and conducted inter-disciplinary research across several traditional boundaries. A major initiative of the CMA was the teaching reform ”Computers in Science Education” (CSE), and CMA has been heading this reform and activity since then. Another interdisciplinary initiative of the CMA is the bachelor study program “Mathematics and Economics”, which now recruits many good students to this important area. The CMA research plan has been based on the understanding that the need for mathematics and computations is strongly increasing within several areas of natural sciences, technology, finance and medicine.

The original research plan of CMA 2003-13, revised in 2008, together with all annual reports can be found under heading "History" below.

Broadly speaking the activity of CMA for the next five years may be divided into (i) the continuation of the research activity, (ii) continuation of the educational activities, and (iii) contribution to the scientific computation activity among other groups at UiO.

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