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Norway - Ukrainian cooperation in mathematical education

About the project

The main purpose of the project is to create long-lasting collaboration between University of Oslo and National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (KPI), Kyiv, Ukraine, Uzhgorod National University (UNU), Uzhgorod, Ukraine, and Donetsk National University (DNU), Vinnitsa, Ukraine, in the field of pure and applied mathematics. The project is aimed at an essential reorganization and development of study programs in mathematics in Ukraine and directing them towards the needs of labour market by means of using new teaching methods based e.g. on adaptive e-learning systems (Studix) and internationalization of related educational fields in Ukraine.

The aim is reached by intensive student and staff mobility including attending/giving courses at partner Universities; development of joint courses of lectures; organization of and participation in 3 Summer/Winter schools and 2 conferences; joint scientific research work; joint publications in internationally recognized journals.

The project will also enhance the regional collaboration between Universities in Ukraine and create possibilities for mobility of students and staff of the four participating universities. Students of Ukrainian universities will benefit because of more research-based and internationally oriented education. Norwegian and Ukrainian colleagues will considerably benefit from their joint scientific research works with involvement of students in the research plans. 

One more goal of the project is to use the experience of Ukrainian colleagues in solving advanced mathematical problems and to participate in mathematical Olympiads at the university on national and international levels, which may attract more students in Norway to study mathematics at a higher level. Being traditional in Ukraine, this teaching method is not well developed in Norway, yet; and one could try to implement it at the University of Oslo, especially because the Department of Mathematics, UiO is applying to host the International Mathematics Olympiad in Oslo in 2022.

All the activities in the framework of the project will be announced and reported in the official sites of all participating universities as well as in the newspaper by KPI.
The joint working group consisting of representatives of all participating Universities will monitor the activities in the framework of the project and reallocate forces for better achievement of the goal of the project.


The project is funded by the Norwegian Center for International Cooperation in Education(SIU)  Eurasia programme. Project ID: CPEA-LT-2016/10139. 

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Published Dec. 18, 2017 11:40 AM - Last modified Feb. 11, 2021 10:03 AM


Project leader at UiO: Professor Frank Proske