SPATUS kick-off seminar

Welcome to the SPATUS kick-off seminar, marking the start of the Thematic Research Group funded by UiO:Energi. The virtual seminar will take place on Zoom.

The SPATUS-project is focused on the stochastics of renewable energy systems. In this kick-off seminar, you will learn about the project, as well as having the chance to listen to current research findings in talks from the principal investigators and internships.


1000-1010 Fred Espen Benth (MI,UiO). Welcome and short presentation of SPATUS

1010-1040 Marianne Zeyringer (ITS, UiO). 

Weather/climate in energy systems modelling

1040-1050 Eline Mannino (internship,UiO).

Stochastic modeling of PV-production

1050-1120 Christa Cuchiero (Vienna). 

Measure valued processes for energy markets

1120-1150 David Brayshaw (Reading).

The role of physical climate science in energy systems research

1150-1200 Q/A and end



The seminar is free, but registration is mandatory to obtain a link to the zoom-event. Please send an email to Fred Espen Benth "fredb at" to register by August 25, 2020. 


Fred Espen Benth
Published July 3, 2020 12:48 PM - Last modified Aug. 24, 2020 9:30 AM