Solar Lunch meeting n.11 - Autumn semester

We invite you to the December RoCS Solar/Stellar Lunch. You are invited to discuss your work with colleagues.



To be announced


Please inform Sven and Eyrun in case you have a PUBLICATION that was accepted (this year) but which you have not presented yet. Please let us know the title, author list and link to ADS/astro-ph for that publication. 

We would really like to hear about your first author papers as it is important to communicate new results internally at RoCS, but you are welcome to present other publications in which you are involved, too. 

We would like you to give a short (5min max.! ) summary presentation of that publication. That would be a great way to make all at RoCS aware of the papers we are publishing plus this is a great training opportunity.

These presentations can be informal and do not need much preparation. You can simply share your screen with the PDF and walk us through the highlights. Think about the take-away message of your paper! 

Published Aug. 11, 2022 11:28 AM - Last modified Aug. 11, 2022 11:28 AM