Solar Lunch meeting n.10 - Autumn semester

We invite you to the November RoCS Solar/Stellar Lunch. You are invited to discuss your work with colleagues.



Since we already had the retreat this week, we will have only a “light schedule” for today: 

12:00-12:05 Welcome 
12:05-12:20 Recent publications 
12:20-12:50 Presentation by Quentin 

Recent publications:

1) Prospects and challenges of numerical modelling of the Sun at millimetre wavelengths
Wedemeyer, Sven; Fleishman, Gregory; de la Cruz Rodriguez, Jaime and 6 more

2) Utilizing the slope of the brightness temperature continuum as a diagnostic tool of solar ALMA observations
Eklund, Henrik; Szydlarski, Mikolaj; Wedemeyer, Sven

3) (Only very briefly) 
The Atacama Large Aperture Submillimetre Telescope: key science drivers
Ramasawmy, Joanna; Klaassen, Pamela D.; Cicone, Claudia and 11 more

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