Solar Lunch meeting n.1 - Spring semester

We invite you to the January RoCS Solar/Stellar Lunch. You are invited to discuss your work with colleagues.

Zoom link to meeting:


12:00 Welcome / general information - Benedikte/Mats 
12:10 Introduction of the RoCS lunch short talk committee 
12:15 Winter activity day 
12:30 Short presentation Vasco (5min+discussion)  
12:40 Short presentation Tiago (5min+discussion)   
12:50 Planning of RoCs contribition to ESPOS in March 


Short presentations;

1) Title: The Solar ALMA Science Archive (SALSA), Authors: Henriques, V. et al.

2) Title: SunnyNet: A neural network approach to 3D non-LTE radiative transfer, Authors: Bruce A. Chappell, Tiago M. D. Pereira

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