A career change led him to RoCS

- Three years ago, I decided to become a software developer, says Wojciech Olejarz. And this spring he started working for RoCS - Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics.

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View of the current frontend of  the Hinode/IRIS archive which is Wojciech Olejarz's main work responsibility. Photo: UiO

- What is your name, your nationality and your educational background? 

My name is Wojciech Olejarz and I am Polish. I have a master’s degree in software engineering.

- Where have you studied and worked before and in what field? 

- For the last 10-15 years I have worked as a System Engineer for major polish banks. I was responsible for deployment and maintaining of new desktop computers, servers and network equipment. Three years ago, I decided to change my career, I wanted to be a software developer. To achieve that I learned a lot about modern web application development.

- When did you start working at ITA? What is your position here? 

- I started working at Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics (RoCS) in May 2021. I work as a Frontend Developer and I'm part of the PRITS group (Project Related IT Services) leaded by Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan.

- What are you going to work with?

- My main task is to do the construction of the new front end for the Hinode/IRIS archive, in close cooperation with the leader of the group. I use many modern technologies: React/MobX, Javascript, JSX, responsive design, functional programming.

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Wojciech Olejarz is part of the PRITS group at RoCS - Rosseland Centre for Solar physics. Photo: Private.

- How can you describe your experience here at ITA and RoCS so far?

- This is my first job in an institution of research and education. I perceive a very good work atmosphere here, and people are very helpful and friendly. 

My current position gives me a great opportunity to gain experience about frontend development which is a good starting point for developing myself as a fullstack developer. In such a position I will have the bigger picture for all data lifecycle.

By Eyrun Thune
Published Sep. 14, 2021 8:31 AM - Last modified Sep. 14, 2021 8:37 AM