Johan Emilian Moan

Professor Emeritus - Plasma and Space Physics

Academic interests

Photobiophysics, photobiology and photomedicine, more specifically:

  • Sun and skin cancer
  • Ozone depletion and health consequences
  • Skin cancer epidemiology (a new model for melanoma development)
  • Development of a new suncream
  • The anticarcinogenic effect of sun-induced vitamin D ( the first to document seasonal variations of cancer progression)
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Folate photobiology
  • Development of different skin colours
  • Photochemistry

Higher education and employment history

  • PhD University of Oslo 1975
  • Senior scientist Oslo University Hospital from 1980
  • Adjunct professor University of Oslo from 1991.


  • The 2010 Research prize for the University of Oslo
  • The Birkeland prize in physics, 2003
  • Honorary prize given by The European Society for Photobiology, 1999
  • The 1998 Bergesen prize for applied research and other achievements of benefit for the public




  • Wangmu, Tosja; Jie, Duan; Sang, Nor; Sering, Droma; Ma, Li-Wei & Moan, Johan Emilian (2017). Human vitamin D measurement in Tibet. Chinese Journal of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.  ISSN 1005-8915.  24(5), s 414- 417 . doi: 10.19526/j.cnki.1005-8915.20170509
  • Grigalavicius, Mantas; Moan, Johan Emilian; Dahlback, Arne & Juzeniene, Asta (2016). Daily, seasonal, and latitudinal variations in solar ultraviolet A and B radiation in relation to vitamin D production and risk for skin cancer. International Journal of Dermatology.  ISSN 0011-9059.  55(1), s e23- e28 . doi: 10.1111/ijd.13065
  • Moan, Johan Emilian; Juzeniene, Asta & Grigalavicius, Mantas (2016). Fotodynamisk behandling gjennom 100 år. Bestpractice Onkologi/Hematologi.  ISSN 2245-0440.
  • Moan, Johan Emilian; Juzeniene, Asta & Grigalavicius, Mantas (2016). Variasjon av solstrålingen med tid og breddegrad – betydning for D-vitaminproduksjon og udkreftfare. Bestpractice Onkologi/Hematologi.  ISSN 2245-0440.
  • Grigalavicius, Mantas; Moan, Johan Emilian; Dahlback, Arne & Juzeniene, Asta (2015). Vitamin D and ultraviolet phototherapy in Caucasians. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. B: Biology.  ISSN 1011-1344.  147, s 69- 74 . doi: 10.1016/j.jphotobiol.2015.03.009
  • Juzeniene, Asta; Baturaite, Zivile; Lagunova, Zoya; Grigalavicius, Mantas; Porojnicu, Alina Carmen; Bruland, Øyvind & Moan, Johan Emilian (2015). Influence of multiple UV exposures on serum cobalamin and vitamin D levels in healthy females. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.  ISSN 1403-4948.  43(3), s 324- 330 . doi: 10.1177/1403494815572206

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  • Moan, Johan Emilian (2016). Good and adverse effects of exposure to sun and sunbeds.
  • Moan, Johan Emilian (2016). How does light act on us?.
  • Moan, Johan Emilian (2016). Solar radiation and its positive effects.
  • Eldri, Scheie; Juzeniene, Asta & Moan, Johan Emilian (2015). Derfor har vi forskjellig hudfarge!. Naturfag.  ISSN 1504-4564.  (2), s 68- 71

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