Business mindset seminar

Business Mindset – Unlocking your potential as an innovator

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Description of the seminar

You do not need formal business training to succeed as an innovator or entrepreneur.  What is most important is a set of generic habits and frames of mind - much of which can be learned!   

This seminar provides a brief research-based guide on what counts the most and how to gauge and unlock your potential.

Targeted skills

  • Initiation capabilities – Opportunity identification and self-starting behaviour to get projects off the ground.
  • Execution skills – Persistent action planning, goal setting and follow-ups to carry the projects through.
  • Symbolic actions – To indirectly conveying professionalism, quality and commitment under high degree of uncertainty.

Target groups

Masters students, doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows who lack formal business training but are curious about exploring commercial career paths.


  • 11.45- 12.15 - Sandwich lunch outside the Faros auditorium
  • 12.15- 13.30 - The academic perspective - What research tells us about:
    • Skills and habits that are found to be most important
    • Methods that are found effective to improve skills and habits
  • 13.30- 13.45 - Coffee break
  • 13.45- 15.00 - Practitioner's perspective - Insights and experiences from selected practitioners:
    • Their personal experiences as it unfolded
    • Important observations and insights

    •  Advice and recommendation


  • Alexander Woxen

  • Erling Maartmann-Moe

  • Grethe Viksaas

  • Jens Petter Falck


Organized by the study section at the MN-faculty administration in collaboration with the Department of Informatics. The seminar is held as a part of the EU-project Discovery Learning.

Administrative contact


Everyone who wants to participate on the seminar must register here (Deadline March 7, 2022): Register here

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