The Postdoc Portal

Here you will find relevant information for the MN Faculty's postdoctoral fellows. 


02 Oct.
10:00 AM, Zoom: Academic Writing Centre
09 Oct.
9:00 AM, Academic Writing Centre, Georg Sverdrups hus
09 Oct.
10:00 AM, Zoom: Academic Writing Centre


  • UiO Career Portal Sep. 18, 2020 9:43 AM

    Dear PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows,

    The University of Oslo is developing a career portal for our early career researchers. The aim of this webpage is to provide you with information, tools and know-how on how to carry out strategic career choices. For this, we need your help to make sure we address the most relevant topics. Please take two minutes to answer this short survey. Deadline for answering is Thursday 24 September.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Extensions May 15, 2020 8:32 AM

    (For Norwegian, please scroll down)

    On the need for extension of the PhD fellowship period The faculty is concerned about working situation of our PhD fellows and delays in their project progression due to the corona pandemic, and we will strive to make good arrangements for all our candidates to carry out their projects as planned. We are aware that many have difficult working conditions, and some have not been able to carry out their research as planned due to closed laboratories and cancelled research stays and fieldwork. Some, on the other hand, have done well and kept good progress under the circumstances implied by the regulations. Therefore, the MN faculty, as the other faculties, will have to evaluate each application for extension of the PhD period individually in ac...

  • Undervisning med aktiv læring (only in Norwegian) Feb. 27, 2020 8:37 PM

    Kompetansesenteret for undervisning i realfag og teknologi (KURT) har publisert nettsiden Undervisning med aktiv læring som gir deg råd om hvordan du kan integrere profesjonell kompetanse i undervisningen, hjelp til undervisningsplanlegging, konkrete forslag til metoder for aktiv læring og tips til bruk av responssystemer.