Matthieu Pinard

Senior Engineer - HISP-Centre
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Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B 0316 Oslo
Postal address Gaustadalléen 30 0373 Oslo

DHIS2 Academy and Community Coordinator within the DHIS2 Core Team

Key responsibilities
•    Coordination & professionalisation of the DHIS2 Academy. DHIS 2 Academy is the hub for training, sharing and networking. Venues are organized in 5 areas in the world: West & Central Africa, East & Southern Africa, Latin America and Asia.
•    Creation & implementation of the online DHIS2 Academy to increase the reach of HISP capacity building. 
•    Coordination & structuring of the DHIS2 Community.

Key achievements
•    Coordinated the organisation of 20+ DHIS2 Academies and participated to 15+ of them.
•    Actively participated in streamlining and standardising the organisation of an Academy by local HISP nodes.
•    Initiated the implementation of openEdX as the LMS for the coming online DHIS2 Academy project (online classes).
•    Co-supervised 6 master students doing their thesis on training content and implementation of LMS (Learning Management System).

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