Ph.D lunch - Feb. 20.2020

According to new regulations at ITS, we will arrange two ph.D lunches for our ph.D researchers each semester. Join us for a nice and enjoyable, but casual, lunch with your fellow Ph.D colleagues.

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Twice a semester there will be held a ph.D lunch for all our Ph.D researchers here at ITS. The goal is to get to know one another, create a better unity of our Ph.Ds at ITS, and to share and discuss experiences and scientific work. 


At this initial meeting, the subject will be to get to know each other. I`m thinking it would be great if everyone did an introduction of themselves, their research and work at ITS.


The lunch, of course, is free!

Please sign up on this web form: 



Ida Elisabeth Rydning 

Ph.D advisor

Publisert 24. jan. 2020 09:32 - Sist endret 24. jan. 2020 09:52