Emil Aas Stoltenberg

Academic interests

Statistical inference, survival analysis, decision theory, Bayesian statistics, high-frequency data. 

Courses taught

Autumn 2019: STK4011 Statistical inference theory

Spring 2019: STK4900 Statistical methods and applications 

Autumn 2016: STK1110 Statistiske metoder og dataanalyse 1 

Autumn 2015: STK1110 Statistiske metoder og dataanalyse 1

Tags: Statistics and biostatistics


Stoltenberg, E.A. and Hjort, N.L. (2020). Multivariate Estimation of Poisson Parameters. Journal of Multivariate Analysis. 

Stoltenberg, E.A., Mykland, P.A. and Zhang, L. (2019). Volatility and intensity. arXiv:1903.09873v2 [math.ST].

Stoltenberg, E.A. and Hjort, N.L. (2018). Models and inference for on-off data via clipped Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes. Submitted for publication.  

Stoltenberg, E.A. (2015). The c-Loss Function: Balancing Total and Individual Risk in the Simultaneous Estimation of Poisson Means. Master thesis, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo. 

Stoltenberg, E.A. (2013). Master thesis, Bayesian Forecasting of Election Results in Multiparty Systems. Department of Political Science, University of Oslo. 

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  • Stoltenberg, Emil Aas & Lid Hjort, Nils (2018). Models and inference for on-off data via clipped Ornstein–Uhlenbeck processes.

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