Kristian Ranestad: EPW cubes

Kristian Ranestad, UiO, gives the Seminar in Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

EPW cubes

Kristian Ranestad

EPW cubes are 6-folds that admits a hyperkähler double cover, thus giving a new 20-dimensional family of projective 6-dimensional irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifolds. The elements of this family are deformation equivalent with the Hilbert scheme of three points on a K3 surface.
The EPW cubes are special codimension 3 subvarieties of the Grassmanian G(3,6). These codimension 3 subvarieties are defined
as Lagrangian degeneracy loci and their construction is parallel to that of EPW sextics. I report on recent work with Atanas Iliev, Grzegorz and Michal Kapustka.
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