Proof, Computation, Complexity 2015

Fourteenth International Workshop

Programme on Saturday

  • 11:00. Ulrich Berger and Dieter Spreen: A Coinductive Approach to Computing with Compact Sets.

  • 11.30 Susumu Yamasaki: A State Constraint System and Related Semiring with Multiplicative Inverse.

  • 12:00 LUNCH

  • 13:00. Helmut Schwichtenberg: Logic for Real Number Computation (invited talk).

  • 14:00. COFFEE BREAK

  • 14:15. Alessio Guglielmi and Benjamin Ralph: Confluent and Natural Cut Elimination in Classical Logic.

  • 14:45. Andrea Aler Tubella and Alessio Guglielmi: Subatomic Proof Systems.

  • 15:15. COFFEE BREAK

  • 15:30. Alexis Bernadet: Non idempotent intersection types to refine strong normalisation with quantitative information.

  • 16:00. (FINISHED)

Programme on Sunday

  • 11:00. Anton Setzer : How to reason informally about Coalgebras.

  • 11.30. Jostein Aanderaa: On anti chains with respect to simplicity of function algebraic characterizations of the same complexity class .

  • 12:00 LUNCH

  • 13:00. Andreas Weiermann: Phase transitions for Gödel incompleteness (invited talk).

  • 14:00. COFFEE BREAK

  • 14:15. Lev Gordeev: On Harvey Friedman's Finite Phase Transitions.

  • 14:45. Isabel Oitavem: The class #P.

  • 15:15. (FINISHED)

Aims and Scope

The aim of PCC is to stimulate research in proof theory, computation, and complexity, focusing on issues which combine logical and computational aspects. Topics may include applications of formal inference systems in computer science, as well as new developments in proof theory motivated by computer science demands. Specific areas of interest are (non-exhaustively listed) foundations for specification and programming languages, logical methods in specification and program development including program extraction from proofs, type theory, new developments in structural proof theory, and implicit computational complexity.

Invited Speakers

  • Andreas Weiermann
  • Helmut Schwichtenberg

The context


You may register for  PCC (700 NOK), the Symposium (700 NOK) and the banquet dinner (500 NOK).

Please, register here.

Symposium participants will have to pay a sum of 700 NOK to cover expenses related to lunches, coffee breaks, etc. on May 21-22. This does not cover attendance at the banquet dinner, nor participation at the PCC. Participants at the PCC will likewise have to pay a sum of 700 NOK to cover lunches, coffee breaks etc. during the PCC.

The Venue

The workshop will take place in Auditorium 2 of

  • Georg Sverdrups hus, Moltke Moes vei 39, Blindern.

This building is also known as Universitetsbiblioteket. You find directions here. You find a map here and another map here.

PCC steering committee

  • Reinhard Kahle, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Lars Kristiansen, University of Oslo, Norway

Program Committee PCC 2015

  • Eivind Briseid, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
  • Reinhard Kahle, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal (co-chair)
  • Lars Kristiansen, University of Oslo, Norway (co-chair)
  • Øystein Linnebo, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Ralph Matthes, IRIT, CNRS and Univ. de Toulouse, France
  • Isabel Oitavem, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and CMAF, UL, Portugal

Submission information

We solicit contributions in the fields of PCC, non-exhaustively described above. Please register a contribution at the EasyChair site for PCC 2015. This consists in a title, a short text-only abstract and the PDF file of a LaTeX abstract that fits on one page in format A4.

PCC is intended to be a lively forum for presenting and discussing recent work. Progress on a not yet satisfactorily solved problem may well be worth presenting - in particular if the discussions during the workshop might lead towards a solution.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for proposing a contributed talk: April 1, 2015
  • Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2015
  • Registration: deadline May 1, 2015.

Past PCC workshops

  • PCC 2014 was held in Paris, France, colocated with TYPES 2014
  • PCC 2013 was held in Toulouse, France, colocated with TYPES 2013
  • PCC 2012 was held in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • PCC 2011 was held in Ghent, Belgium
  • PCC 2010 was held in Bern, Switzerland
  • PCC 2009 was held at LORIA - Nancy, France
  • PCC 2008 was held in Oslo, Norway
  • PCC 2007 was held in Swansea, Wales, colocated with the British Mathematical Colloquium 2007
  • PCC 2006 was held in Ilmenau, Germany
  • PCC 2005 was held in Lisbon as affiliated Workshop to ICALP'05
  • PCC 2004 was held in Dresden in conjunction with the Summer School on Proof Theory and Automated Theorem Proving
  • PCC 2003 was held in Dresden, in conjunction with the Summer School on Proof Theory, Computation, and Complexity
  • PCC 2002 was held in Tübingen. 
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