Workshop 2016: FICology

Presentations at the international FocuStat workshop on Focused Information Criteria and related themes. Read also the programme.

Ali Charkhi: Incorporating the selection procedure in inference

Gerda Claeskens: A focused information criteria for high-dimensional data

Céline Cunen: Focused model selection for meta-analysis of 2x2 tables

Axel Gandy: Focussed Information Criteria for semiparametric linear hazard regression

Steffen Grønneberg: AIC-like model selection on VARMAX-residuals

Peter Grünwald: Bayesian model selection and averaging when the model is wrong

Kristoffer Hellton: Focussed tuning of ridge regression

Håvard Hegre: Forecasting the incidence of internal armed conflict 

Gudmund Hermansen: Focused information criteria for time series

Nils Lid Hjort: FocuStat; general workshop themes; looking ahead

Nils Lid Hjort: The hybrid likelihood: Combining parametrics and nonparametrics

Ingrid Hobæk Haff: How to select a good vine

Martin Jullum: FIC with a nonparametric candidate - a new strategy for FIC constructions

Eugen Pircalabelu: Graph estimation and selection strategies using the focused information criterion

Thijs van Ommen: FAIC: An adaptation of AIC for focused model selection and averaging

Ingrid Van Keilegom: The focused information criterion for a mixture cure model

Peder Østbye: Combining FIC with general loss functions

Sam-Erik Walker: Model selection and focused inference using robust estimators

Lars Walløe: Statistical analyses of a potential decline in energy storage in minke whales in the Antarctic Ocean during the 1990

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