STAR seminar: José Garrido

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The webinars will take place on Zoom and a link to the virtual room will be sent out to all those who registered at the registration page.

Speaker: José Garrido (Concordia University)

Title: Bridging epidemiological and actuarial models: the case of COVID-19

Abstract: Our society's efforts to fight pandemics rely heavily on our ability to understand, model and predict the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases. Compartmental models are among the most commonly used mathematical tools to explain reported infections and deaths. This collective book chapter offers a brief overview of basic compartmental models as well as several actuarial applications, ranging from product design and reserving of epidemic insurance, to the projection of healthcare demand and the allocation of scarce resources. The intent is to bridge classical epidemiological models with actuarial and financial applications that provide healthcare coverage and utilise limited healthcare resources during pandemics.
Authors: R. Feng (University of Illinois at Urbana--Champaign, UIUC), J. Garrido (Concordia University), L. Jin, L. Zhang (UIUC) and S-H. Loke (Central Washington University)

This series of webinars addresses all interested people in probability, stochastic analysis, control, risk evaluation, statistics, with a view towards applications, in particular to renewable energy markets and production. This series brings together the major research themes of the projects STORM, SCROLLER, and SPATUS

Published Feb. 14, 2022 7:03 PM - Last modified Feb. 16, 2022 12:48 PM