IT policies at the Department of Mathematics

An overview of the policies governing the IT services provided by the department of Mathematics at the University of Oslo.

Operating systems

The Department of Mathematics supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux and MacOS on stationary machines. For laptops the only supported configuration on departmentally issued hardware is MacOS. Stationary machines are to be left powered on 24/7, also do not suspend the machine. You should however allow the monitor to enter power save.

Research data

Research data is mandated to be stored on central resources owned by the University of Oslo. Research data is not to be stored on personal devices. Please avoid storing large amounts of research data in your home directory and use shared research volumes for such storage. If your research group does not offer such storage, one can apply for it here.


Office hardware is just like office furniture in that it is provided by the department. The department offers either a stationary or a laptop, although due to budget constraints, only permanent staff are offered laptops. For stationaries the options are a Linux workstation or a Mac mini, for laptops the offer is a MacBook Air (or equivalent). If the hardware provided is insufficient, contact the sysadmin staff. A single 24" monitor is offered.

Moving offices

Upon moving offices, please contact the sysadmin staff as early as possible. Usually, hardware is bound to offices, not people, so we do not move hardware along with the user. If there is any hardware to be moved, the sysadmin staff is to be involved.

Personal equipment in offices

Personal equipment is not to be persistently located in offices. Personal items such as stationary computers, monitors, docking stations, and similar is not allowed in offices.