Working from home

Working remotely

To work remotely, go to and log in. From here you have two options:

  1. A windows environment. Select "Kontor Fullskjerm" to get a remote office machine running Windows. If you need access to disks other than your home directory (like a research volume or similar), you may need to go to Explorer -> This PC -> Right click on "This PC" -> "Map network drive" -> Enter the address of the volume, like smb://
  2. A linux environment. Select "MatNat Arbeidsstasjon" got get a generic RedHat Linux machine presented to you. On this machine, your home directory is located under the folder "M-drive", and you have a limited software offering. You can however open a terminal and ssh to your desktop to load modules and start applications like RStudio as usual.

Accessing files

To copy files from your home directory at UiO to your local machine at home from a Mac or Windows machine use Cyberduck.
The remote server is "", the protocol used is "sftp". Leave the rest of the configuration as default. When asked for your password, provide your UiO password.

Forwarding your office phone to any other phone

See here (Norwegian only, but with pictures) for a walk-through.

Video conferencing at UiO

Central documentation here.

The application Zoom will be the new standard for video conferences and remote teaching. Zoom documentation: UiO

Remote Library Access

E-books, electronic articles, databased, and other online resources from the library are accessible remotely by following their instructions

Additional Software 

Some additional licensed software can be downloaded and install onto your home computer/laptop via: 

Winprog for Windows

Macprog for Mac

Additionally Office 365 can be downloaded directly or used from a web browser here. Office 365 included Microsoft Teams which can be used for chat and remote collaboration. 



NB: This document is being regularly updated as more information becomes available. drift@math is contactable by email, as always, to help and answer questions. 



Published Mar. 13, 2020 11:18 AM - Last modified Apr. 3, 2020 9:13 PM