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Writing Course - Scientificness in Mathematical Subjects

The course provides the student with scientific knowledge in mathematical subjects, enabling him/her to begin the work with a master's thesis. Key topics in the course are literature retrieval, data management, writing and presentation. The course will take place online Thursday January 14 at 09:15-12:00 and Friday January 15 at 12:15-15:00. Link will be distributed via e-mail.

After completing the course you should:

  • be able to find, read, evaluate and use scientific literature
  • know principles and tools of scientific communication; written, verbally and visually
  • know the practice of handling and presenting data
​Thursday January 14 Subject ​Lecturer About
​09:15-10:00 Scientificness in mathematics ​Karoline Moe

Searching, source criticism, reading, ethics, cheating, citations and plagiarism


Writing in mathematics

Karoline Moe

Structure of thesis, mathematical subtleties and useful writing tips


LaTeX for large documents


Karoline Moe

How to organise the writing

Requires some familiarity with LaTeX

Efficient reference management with LaTeX

- Guide for large documents
- Thesis template: zip, Overleaf
- Thesis front page: package, documentation

- UiO templates on Overleaf

- Martin Helsø's Introduction to BibLaTeX

​Friday January 15 Subject ​Lecturer About
​12:15-13:00 Data management Live Kvale and Ivana Malovic

File sense, meta data, data management plan and much more

Panda video

​13:15-14:00 Simple design principles and Beamer Karoline Moe

Applications of design principles to master's thesis, illustrations, figures and tables



- Martin Helsø's Introduction to Beamer

- Department's Beamer theme: zip, Overleaf

​14:15-15:00 Oral presentation and Part of the research world Karoline Moe

Presentation technique, talks, blackboard and slide shows

What happens when you are done?

- AB123C

 LaTeX questions? Contact

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