European Solar Telescope - EST

Discover the European Solar Telescope (EST), next generation large-aperture solar telescope.

The European Solar Telescope (EST) is a next generation large-aperture solar telescope. This 4-metre telescope will be optimised for studies of the magnetic coupling between the deep photosphere and upper chromosphere. This will require diagnostics of the thermal, dynamic and magnetic properties of the plasma over many scale heights, by using multiple wavelength imaging, spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry.

To achieve these goals, the EST will specialize in high spatial and temporal resolution using various instruments simultaneously that can efficiently produce 2D spectral information. EST will be located in Canary Islands, one of the first-class locations for astronomical observations. 

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EST and RoCS

  • Mats Carlsson, director of the Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics, is a member of the Science Advisory Group (SAG), a group of experts consisting of senior scientists who decides what will be the scientific objectives or questions to be solved by EST. He is also the president of EAST (European Association for Solar Telescopes). The goal of EAST is to ensure access of European solar physicists to high-resolution ground-based facilities. EAST develops and will operate EST.
  • Luc Rouppe van der Voort, member of the Science Advisory Group (SAG).
  • Juan Camilo Guevara Gomez EST scientific outreach officer for Norway.

EST trailer


See the trailer of the documentary "Reaching for the Sun" on the EST website (external link).

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