Bart Walter De Pontieu

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Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 13 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1029 0315 Oslo
Tags: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics


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  • Bastian, T.S.; Chintzoglou, G.; De Pontieu, Bart Walter; Shimojo, M.; Schmit, D. & Leenaarts, Jorrit [Show all 7 contributors for this article] (2018). Erratum: A first comparison of millimeter continuum and mg II ultraviolet line emission from the solar chromosphere (Astrophysical Journal Letters (2017) 845 (L19) DOI: 10.3847/2041-8213/aa844c). Astrophysical Journal Letters. ISSN 2041-8205. 860(1). doi: 10.3847/2041-8213/aac8dc.
  • Mendes Domingos Pereira, Tiago & De Pontieu, Bart Walter (2016). Planning coordinated observations with IRIS, IRIS7 Weihai.
  • Mendes Domingos Pereira, Tiago; Carlsson, Mats; De Pontieu, Bart Walter & Hansteen, Viggo (2015). The Mg II lines as a diagnostic for heating in the lower chromosphere.
  • Pereira, Tiago Mendes Domingos; Carlsson, Mats & De Pontieu, Bart Walter (2014). The evolution of type II spicules as seen by IRIS.
  • Kato, Yoshiaki; De Pontieu, Bart Walter; Martinez-Sykora, J.; Hansteen, Viggo; Pereira, Tiago Mendes Domingos & Leenaarts, Jorritt [Show all 7 contributors for this article] (2014). Measuring energy flux of magneto-acoustic wave in the magnetic elements by using IRIS.

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