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About the institute

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Numbers and Facts

  • about 22 master students
  • about 35 doctoral candidates
  • about 60 academic staff
  • about 17 administrative and technical staff

Health, Safety and Environment

  • First aid kit
  • Fieldwork
  • Speak up!
  • Local work environment committee (LWEC) at ITA

Strategy and plans

Getting around

We are located in Svein Rosselands Hus, Sem Sælandsvei 13.

Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1029 Blindern
N-0315 Oslo

Svein Rosselands hus' floor plans

The Svein Rosseland's building has been renovated and now is able to accommodate the growing number of employees over five floors.

Job vacancies

Currently no vacancies.

Old black and white photo of the Svein Rosseland house, in Blindern.

Discover the rich history of Svein Rosseland's house

The Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics was established in 1934 by Professor Svein Rosseland with financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation. At the institute research in a number of disciplines within astronomy and astrophysics is conducted. Svein Rosseland's house, is one of the oldest at UiO Blindern, and therefore has a rich history.

Contact us:

Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics
Po.Box 1029 Blindern
0315 Oslo
Tlf. (+47) 22 85 65 01
Fax: 22 85 65 05

Visit us:

Svein Rosselands hus, Blindern campus
Sem Sælandsvei 13
0371 Oslo