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Numbers and facts

The Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics was founded by Professor Svein Rosseland in 1934 with substantial financial support from Rockefeller Foundation. It is one of the oldest departments at the University of Oslo and has a rich history. 

Overview of students, employees, publications and finances for the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics.

The slots will update in the beginning of 2017.

Staff in total 56
Scientific staff 45
- permanent staff 10
- temporary staff 35
Technical and administrative staff 10
Bachelor students *
Master students will update in 2017
Ph.D. students will update in 2017
Scientific publications will update in 2017
Total budget (in million NOK) 54
- external finances (in million NOK) 26

* The institute has a joint bachelor program together with other departments (Bachelor of Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology) and is therefore not registered with any any enrolled bachelor students.