The Rosseland Lecture 2012: Extreme Data-Intensive Computing in Astrophysics

Each spring, near the date of Svein Rosseland's birthday, the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics arranges a guest lecture by an internationally renowned astrophysicist as a remembrance for our great astrophysicist Svein Rosseland (1894-1985), founder of our institute. The lecture is open for everyone.

Professor Alex Szalay

In 2012, the guest lecturer is professor Alex Szalay, Alumni Centennial Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Johns Hopkins University and professor of computer science and director of the Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science at the same university


Scientific computing is increasingly revolving around massive amounts of data. From physical sciences to numerical simulations, we are soon dealing with Petabytes if not Exabytes of data. This new, data-centric computing requires a new look at computing architectures and strategies for statistical analyses. Several large-scale data analysis projects in astronomy and physics will be discussed, including statistical analyses of large galaxy catalogs. We will also explore strategies of interacting with very large amounts of data, and compare various large-scale data analysis platforms.

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