Three students at the School of Pharmacy, 1942.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences was established in 1861, and is one of eight faculties at the University of Oslo. It is the largest educational and basic research science faculty in Norway. About 1690 scientists, technical and administrative staff members and about 5500 students contribute to the pursuit of scientific knowledge and to keep the research standard at a high international level.

During the last decades there has been a rapid development within mathematics and natural sciences. These disciplines form the fundament of our understanding of nature and of applied disciplines like information technology, genetics, materials and micro technology.

The natural sciences affect our view of the world and the way we think - they form the premises for technological development, and consequently for our material wealth and standard of living.

Being part of this development, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo combines a strong research program, solid instruction and a good relationship with the political and business worlds in its investigations into a wide range of fields. Life Sciences, Informatics, Environmental science, Physics and Chemistry are areas of particular excellence at the Faculty.

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