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Gender equality at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Gender equality concerns democracy and fundamental human rights, but also refers to the quality of our activities.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences shall function as an attractive workplace and an attractive place of study that enhances the ability of the individual employee and student – regardless of gender – to develop their academic competence in an inspiring working and learning environment.

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The gender equality policies of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences:

UiO’s gender equality policies:


Future Research- and Organizational Development in Natural Sciences, Technology and Theology (FRONT) : A multidisciplinary project for cultural change at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, The Faculty of Theology and the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo, Norway.

The aim of the project is a sustainable cultural change through management and organizational development, targeted measures and the acquisition of knowledge through qualitative and quantitative research. The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway as part of the Balance program; - an initiative that seeks to promote gender balance in senior positions and research management in Norwegian research through new knowledge, learning and innovative measure

Read more about FRONT (only in Norwegian)

Network for female top researchers

The network for top female researchers is an arena in which experiences are exchanged and which stimulates the further successful academic careers of its members.

The network is also an important advisory body to the Faculty’s management.


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