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Persons 276 - 300 of 370
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Petter Ruden Ruden, Petter Adviser +47 22857093 procurement, purchasing
Picture of Ola Rundberget Rundberget, Ola Principal Engineer +47 22854689
Picture of Ole Rustad Rustad, Ole Adviser +47 22851387 +47 41385202 Personnel administration, Appointments, Leaves of absence
Picture of Sofie Hildegard Ryen Ryen, Sofie Hildegard Senior Executive Officer +47 22854061 The research school DEEP, DEEP
Rønning, Vegard Senior Engineer
Picture of Morsal Saba Saba, Morsal Senior Executive Officer +47 22856511 Administration, Admissions, PhD education, Study administration, Student counseling, Exam, Purchasing, Course Scheduling, EpN, FS, TP, Temorary employment contracts, Researcher housing
Samuel, Yonathan Senior Engineer +47 22857146 Local IT support, AV services
Picture of Ingrid Sand Sand, Ingrid Adviser +47 22854121
Picture of Joe Alexander Sandvik Sandvik, Joe Alexander Senior Engineer +47 22856441
Picture of Trine Sannesmoen Sannesmoen, Trine Senior Executive Officer +47 22855219 CEED, CEED\; CeO\; UiO, Njord Centre, Njord
Picture of Kathrine Schou Schou, Kathrine Administrative Manager +47 22855196 +47 40295758
Picture of Henrik Schultz Schultz, Henrik Senior Adviser +47 22854275
Picture of Elisabeth Havsberg Seland Seland, Elisabeth Havsberg Adviser +47 22857221 Research support, External funding, Cristin, EU, Webmaster, Alumni
Picture of Andrey Semchenkov Semchenkov, Andrey Senior Engineer - Nuclear and Energy Physics +47-22855488 +47-22855076 +47-22856453 Cyclotron, Control systems, Programming
Picture of Ingunn Semsøy Semsøy, Ingunn Adviser
Picture of Torbjørn Severinsen Severinsen, Torbjørn Administrative Manager +47 22855295 +47 92803090
Sezgin, Tamer Senior Executive Officer +47 22857266
Picture of Endre Aalrust Shaw Shaw, Endre Aalrust Senior Engineer +47 22840825 +47 97782680 IT support
Picture of Mozhdeh Sheibani Harat Sheibani Harat, Mozhdeh Senior Adviser +47 22840130 PhD, Exchange
Sigurdsson, William Nævdal Head Engineer
Picture of Petter Silkoset Silkoset, Petter Senior Engineer +47 22856111
Picture of Inger-Lise Simonsen Simonsen, Inger-Lise Senior Executive Officer +47 22856276
Picture of Siri Simonsen Simonsen, Siri Senior Engineer +47 22856127 SEM
Sisi, Shahnaz Financial Officer +47 22857638 Department of Biosciences, Finance
Picture of Sathiaruby Sivaganesh Sivaganesh, Sathiaruby Head Engineer +47 22854421