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Picture of Sofia Abrha Abrha, Sofia Head Engineer sofia.abrha@mn.uio.no
Picture of Marianne Afdal Afdal, Marianne Senior Adviser +47 22856425 marianne.afdal@mn.uio.no PGP, Finance, Department of Physics
Picture of Merethe  Alm Alm, Merethe Senior Executive Officer - on leave
Amundsen, Marthe Senior Adviser +47 22844447 marthe.amundsen@mn.uio.no
Picture of Hema Awasthi Awasthi, Hema Adviser +47 22852417 hema.awasthi@mn.uio.no School of Pharmacy, Economical reports, project economy, budget and applications
Picture of Egil Bakken Bakken, Egil Senior Adviser +47 22855506 egil.bakken@mn.uio.no Research support, infrastructure
Behrens, Charlotte Marie Adviser +47 22856566 c.m.behrens@mn.uio.no
Bergkvam, Øystein Senior Adviser +47 22856345 oystein.bergkvam@mn.uio.no Examination, Cheating, National Student Database, Diploma, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Sibinka Bogojev Bogojev, Sibinka Higher Executive Officer +47 22857268 sibinka.bogojev@mn.uio.no Finance, Department of Biosciences
Picture of Dalibor Bosnjak Bosnjak, Dalibor Administrative Manager +47 22856550 dalibor.bosnjak@mn.uio.no
Picture of Frode Bremnes Bremnes, Frode Senior Adviser +47 22857241 frode.bremnes@mn.uio.no
Picture of Wenche Brynildsen Brynildsen, Wenche Adviser +47 22858333 wenche.brynildsen@mn.uio.no
Picture of Kjetil Bråthen Bråthen, Kjetil Senior Adviser +47 22857730 kjetil.brathen@mn.uio.no Department of Geosciences, Finance
Picture of Jo  Døhl Døhl, Jo Faculty Director +47 90833584 jo.dohl@mn.uio.no
Edvardsen, Pål Senior Executive Officer +47 22855552 pal.edvardsen@mn.uio.no
Picture of Stian Engen Engen, Stian Senior Adviser +47 22840262 stian.engen@mn.uio.no Career development, PhD, PhD life, Postdoc
Picture of Aasta Karen Engh Engh, Aasta Karen Adviser +47 22857979 +47 41670032 a.k.engh@mn.uio.no Finance, Reporting, Department of Biosciences, External funding, Budget, Contracts, ePhorte, Research support, Accounts
Picture of Hanne Eriksen Eriksen, Hanne Senior Executive Officer +47 22854482 hanne.eriksen@mn.uio.no ePhorte, Superuser, Archive
Picture of Sunniva Ette Ette, Sunniva Seniorkonsulent +47 22858629 22 85 54 25 only on Thursday sunniva.ette@mn.uio.no Department of Chemistry, Finance
Georgieva-Ilkova, Krastina Georgieva k.g.georgieva-ilkova@mn.uio.no
Gilbert, Pål Rykkja Senior Executive Officer +47 22840815 p.r.gilbert@mn.uio.no
Picture of Marta Gomez Munoz Gomez Munoz, Marta Adviser +47 45120371 m.g.munoz@mn.uio.no CompSci, Research support, International cooperation, Events
Gomez Salazar, Jessica Adviser +47 22854483 j.g.salazar@mn.uio.no Finance, Department of Physics
Grenheim, Line Senior Executive Officer +47 22845784 line.grenheim@econ.uio.no
Picture of Ellen Kristine Grøholt Grøholt, Ellen Kristine Adviser +47 22844865 e.k.groholt@mn.uio.no Student and Academic Administration, Exchange, Recognition, Mobility, International cooperation