Persons 1 - 25 of 40
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Marianne Afdal Afdal, Marianne Senior Adviser +47-22856425 PGP, Finance, Department of Physics
Awasthi, Hema Adviser +47-22852417 School of Pharmacy, Economical reports, project economy, budget and applications
Picture of Sibinka Bogojev Bogojev, Sibinka Higher Executive Officer +47-22857268 Finance, Department of Biosciences
Bosnjak, Dalibor Adviser +47-22856550
Picture of Frode Bremnes Bremnes, Frode Senior Adviser +47-22857241
Picture of Wenche Brynildsen Brynildsen, Wenche Adviser +47-22858333
Picture of Kjetil Bråthen Bråthen, Kjetil Senior Adviser +47-22857730 Department of Geosciences, Finance
Picture of Tomas Stroop Donnelly Donnelly, Tomas Stroop Adviser +47-22856552 90146463 Economical reports, Economy, Finance, Department of Geosciences, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, Institute economist
Picture of Aasta Karen Engh Engh, Aasta Karen Adviser +47-22857979 +47-41670032 Finance, Reporting, Department of Biosciences, External funding, Budget, Contracts, ePhorte, Research support, Accounts
Picture of Sunniva Ette Ette, Sunniva Senior Executive Officer +47-22857895 22 85 54 25 only on Thursday Department of Chemistry, Finance
Hangaas, Cathrine Adviser +47-22856551
Picture of Liv Hillestad Hillestad, Liv Senior Executive Officer 22856403 SMN, Department of Physics, Finance
Picture of Anita Isaksen Isaksen, Anita Administrative Manager +47-22844762
Picture of Elena Jakobsen Jakobsen, Elena Senior Executive Officer +47-22857357 Budget, Accounts, HR-system, Economy, Oracle, Basware, Reporting
Picture of Karen Drabløs Landa Landa, Karen Drabløs Senior Executive Officer +47-22855135 Department of Geosciences, project economy, budget and applications, Reporting
Lerum, Kirsten Klungseth Administrative Manager +47-22857724 +47-48991889
Picture of Vanitha Marimuthu Marimuthu, Vanitha Senior Executive Officer +47-22858215 Department of Mathematics, Finance, Economy
Martinsen, Per Øivind +47-22857092 +47-99707732
Picture of Daniel Meisler Meisler, Daniel Adviser +47-22854498
Picture of Helge Midtun Midtun, Helge Senior Adviser +47-22856394 95744912
Picture of Øyvind Mørkedal Mørkedal, Øyvind Adviser +47-22855513
Picture of Ann Hilde Nes Nes, Ann Hilde Section Manager +47-22856338 +47-93017100
Picture of Inger Anne Pedersen Pedersen, Inger Anne Senior Adviser +47-22856421 Department of Physics, finance, SMN
Randen, Gro Senior Executive Officer +47-22856566
Picture of Ivar Refsland Refsland, Ivar Adviser +47-22857386 911 58 229 Finance, Oracle, Invoices, Department of Chemistry, Financial management, Budget